Charcoal grill with traditional wood fired oven in Glifada, Greece

Dimitris didn't hesitate for one bit when he first saw our constructions and our grill systems. He made his decision at once and tore down everything on his old grill area, adjusted whatever needed for the renovation, and ended up with a completely different scene of his charcoal grill and wood-fired oven area.

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We took over the makeover, from the tearing down to the new charcoal grill and oven installation. A group of selected external colleagues helped us to finish the whole process. All the charcoal grill parts, from the worm driver system to the gears and the fire cabin were made of 304 stainless steel, suitable for food. And the finishing touch; the aesthetics. So, now, Dimitris can enjoy his new charcoal grill and wood-fired oven with his family and friends, who get together so often.

Happy grilling and cooking, Dimitris, to you and your company!

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