Charcoal grill with traditional wood fired corner oven

In Atalanti, Greece, there was a full operation going on to transfer every part of the construction safely due to the difficulty accessing the area. There are no limits, after all, anything is possible.

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A crane truck lifted the pieces one-by-one and transferred them to the desired location. With the traditional wood fired oven dominating the scene, a highly functional system of a charcoal grill, a wood-fired oven and countertops with sink came to life.

In collaboration with our client, we designed the outdoor kitchen's layout with an emphasis on functionality. A charcoal grill with multiple capacities and a gas stove for cooking in the grill area.

A traditional wood-fired oven with emphasis on functionality and performance. Insulation, firesand and fire plates, a few of the elements that enhance the performance for slow cooking at a slowly dropping temperature.

Happy cooking, Dimitris!

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