Charcoal grill for two whole lambs with indirect wood-fired oven in Leontari, Greece

In Leontari, Greece, this time, to install the amber.q A large charcoal grill for two whole lambs and two rods of meat (kontosouvli or kokoretsi). A countertop with sink, a gas stove and an indirect wood-fired oven accompany the charcoal grill for a complete set of an outdoor kitchen.

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The amber.q A, our large charcoal grill system, is ideal for multiple and simultaneous grillings. This new system makes grilling more enjoyable, with the griller now able to enjoy his company more. The indirect woodfired oven is constructed in a way that allows slow cooking by providing a gradual and slow temperature drop.

The auxiliary countertop in between the charcoal grill and the indirect wood-fired oven helps both cooking and grilling preparation and serving of food. The gas stove helps in quick cooking or frying in the outdoor kitchen, which is now fully equipt to cover the needs of the company's meet-ups.

All for the company of family and friends because grilling is communication.

Happy grilling and cooking to all of you!

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