Tenderloin spit-roast with intoxicating sauce

Here is a special spit-roast recipe with an intoxicating sauce, a unique recipe by our friend and partner George Karagiannis. Pork tenderloin is a lean, tender cut of meat. You should be careful not to overcook it if you want it juicy and tender. Peppercorn marinades and sweet sauces are the perfect matches for it. This is a special festive recipe for the holiday season. Follow our instructions and the flavors will flood your senses! Let’s see the whole process step-by-step.

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For 2 kg/ 4.4 lb of pork tenderloin:

  • 1 tbsp black peppercorns
  • 1 tbsp white peppercorns
  • 1 tbsp red peppercorns
  • 1 tbsp green peppercorns
  • Sheep milk butter
  • Salt (preferably fleur de sel)

For the sauce:

  • ¾ bottle of Vinsanto sweet wine 
  • 4 dried figs
  • 5 large chestnuts
  • 1 dash of Ceylon cinnamon
  • 2 cloves (ground)
  • 2 dried bay leaves


Slice the meat against the grain. The pieces of meat should be 3-4 cm thick. In a stone mortar, bash the peppercorns. We need coarsely ground pepper for this recipe. Skewer the pieces of meat on the small spits, orienting the grain vertically on the spit. This helps to seal in the juices. After you skewer the meat, use a brush to apply a thin coating of sheep milk butter to the surface of the meat. It will be easier to apply the butter if you leave it at room temperature for 1-2 hours.

Once you have applied the thin layer of butter, use a small amount of the four peppers mix and sprinkle it on the meat; the butter will hold the coarsely ground pepper in place. Wrap in plastic wrap and place the spits with the meat in the fridge for 4-5 hours at least.

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Pile up the charcoals inside the fire cabin of your charcoal grill. Place the kindling (alcohol soaked-cotton) on top and light them. The charcoals light upside down, from top to bottom. When they are fully lit, spread them inside the fire cabin and grill over high heat.

While grilling, dice the dried figs and add them to a skillet along with the Vinsanto wine, the spices, and the bay leaves. Put the skillet on the stovetop. You can soak the dry ingredients in the Vinsanto wine the day before, for a better result.  Simmer the wine on low heat. Make an X-shaped cut on the round side of each chestnut. Place the grilling grate next to the spits on your charcoal grill and roast the chestnuts. Stir the wine sauce constantly. When it starts to thicken, add the roasted chestnuts, diced. When the sauce has thickened, remove the skillet from the stove and let it cool down to room temperature. 

When the meat’s internal temperature reaches 65-70⁰C (149-158⁰F), remove the spits from the grill. Let the meat rest before cutting into it. Sprinkle fine quality salt on the roasted meat and pour the sweet sauce over the pieces. Enjoy this special and unique tenderloin recipe with your friends and pair it with fine red wine. Serve baked apples sprinkled with cinnamon at the end of the meal. Enjoy a small glass of Vinsanto wine before the night is over.

Happy grilling everyone!