Quail recipe on charcoal grill

Quail recipe spit roast on charcoal grill. Quails are hunters’ favorite dish. We aren’t hunters ourselves, so we got fresh, farm-raised quails from the grocery store, and we prepared a nice, simple recipe to increase their aroma and flavor. We skewered them to the small spits and we cooked them over low heat on the charcoal grill. Brush on the marinade twice and that’s it! The quails are ready for the grill. Let’s see the recipe and the grilling process step-by-step.

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  • 16 quails
  • Lemon zest
  • Sea salt
  • Lemon pepper seasoning
  • 80ml white wine
  • 80ml garlic-scented oil
  • Thyme
  • Oregano
  • Black peppercorns


Rinse the quails thoroughly, remove their intestines and let them dry. Your first task is to pour wine over the quails. Mix well and soak them in wine for 20 to 30 minutes. Then, add a little lemon zest and a pinch of lemon pepper seasoning inside their cavity. Sprinkle salt, pepper and thyme on their surface (for the mixture: 1 tbsp salt, 1 tsp pepper, 1 tsp thyme), and cover them with the garlic-scented oil (for the oil: in 100ml olive oil add two cloves of garlic, smashed). Marinate the quails for 2-3 hours. When the time has passed, and before you light the charcoals on your grill, attach the quails to the skewers. This process requires a specific technique, in order to truss the quails and secure them properly on the spits. Refer to the video above for further detail.

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After skewering the quails, preheat your charcoal grill. Pile up the charcoals inside the fire cabin of your charcoal grill. Place kindling (alcohol-soaked cotton) on top and light the fire. The charcoals light upside down, from top to bottom, easily, quickly, and without smoke. When they are fully lit, spread them inside the fire cabin, and reduce the heat they release by throwing some charcoal ash on them. Grill them on medium heat, until they get a nice color. Use a thermometer to check the temperature on their cavity, so that you can tell when they’re done. 

When the internal temperature is 75⁰C (167⁰F) and the quails have the color of roasted meat, they’re ready. During the grilling process, use a brush to rub the quails with the residue from the marinade. Remove them from the grill and cover them with aluminum foil for 6-7 minutes, until they cool down a bit. Remove the skewers and cut the quails in half or into smaller pieces. Add a mix of salt and oregano, prepared beforehand. Accompany the roasted quails with white wine and fresh seasonal salads or grilled seasonal vegetables. A good company is necessary.

Happy grilling everyone!