Pork tenderloin spit roast recipe

Pork tenderloin is a special cut of meat; it’s tender, but also lean. Our friend and partner of our Youtube channel, George Karagiannis, with an inspired combination of ingredients and our grilling method, gave this tenderloin a unique flavor, and we were able to grill it on rotation. The result is unique and I dare say it’s the best spit-roast I’ve ever made. It’s so incredibly tender, packed with flavor, and it can be the best wine appetizer. Enjoy this recipe with your friends. Happy grilling!

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  • Pork tenderloin from a large animal
  • Graviera cheese (cut into slices as thick as the meat slices)
  • Medium tomatoes
  • For 1kg (2.2 lb) of tenderloin
  • 12 g sea salt (prefer fleur de sel)
  • 1 g black pepper
  • 2 g garlic powder
  • 1 g dried onion flakes
  • 1 tsp oregano
  • 1 tbsp mild mustard
  • Pork caul fat


For serving:

  • Roasted onions
  • peppers
  • tomatoes


Two to three hours before grilling, cut the pork tenderloin into 2 cm thick slices. Grind the spices in a mortar and pestle, and add them to the tenderloin’s slices. Add the spice blend gradually and mix each time. This way you can distribute spices evenly. Lastly, add the mustard and mix well one more time. Marinate at room temperature for 2 hours or in the fridge for longer.

Before grilling, once you’ve marinated the meat, attach the main ingredients to the spits, before lighting the charcoal grill. Start with a slice of tenderloin, add a slice of graviera cheese, after punching a hole in the center for the skewer, and then add a slice of tomato -about 1 cm thick. Repeat in this order until the skewer is filled, but make sure the last slice on the skewer is tenderloin, same as the first one. Wrap the skewers in pork caul fat, and use string around the edges, and in the middle, to secure the caul fat. Refer to the video above for further detail.

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Charcoal grills amber.q A


After preparing the skewers, it’s time to light the charcoal grill. Pile up the charcoals inside the fire cabin of your charcoal grill, place kindling (alcohol-soaked cotton) on top, and light the fire. The charcoals light upside down, from top to bottom, easily, quickly, and without smoke. When they are fully lit, spread them inside the fire cabin, and reduce the heat they release by throwing some charcoal ash on them. Grill on medium to high heat, until they get a nice brown color and the internal temperature reaches 60-65⁰C (140-149⁰F). Along with the spit-roast, grill Florina peppers, long green peppers, onions on rotation, and tomatoes, as well.

When the spit-roast is ready, let it rest for 6-7 minutes. Meanwhile, place the roasted peppers, onions, and tomatoes on the serving board, and serve the spit-roast on top of them. The flavor is unique and calls for a glass of wine, and good company. Never forget to accompany your roast with cooked vegetables or fresh salads.

Happy grilling everyone!