Goat rib chops - charcoal grill

We’ve grilled mutton ribs many times before -we have even shared our recipe with you- and there is no doubt they are a special dish. However, goat meat and goat chops, in particular, aren’t as popular. For those who know, goat chops are a special appetizer that only a few can appreciate. We could just season them and toss them on the grill, but that’s the easy way, and anyone can do it. With the help of our friend Yorgos (George) Karagiannis, who is a chef and a cookbook author, we will use aromatic herbs and spices in a unique recipe that does justice to goat rib chops. Let’s see all these, step-by-step.

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  • Goat chops (rib chops or loin chops)

For the marinade:

  • For 1kg (2.2 lb) of goat chops
  • 12 g sea salt (prefer fleur de sel)
  • 1.5 g black peppercorns
  • 1 tsp oregano
  • 1 tbsp hot mustard

For the garlic-infused olive oil:

  • 4-5 crushed garlic cloves to 100 ml extra virgin olive oil


Ask your butcher to cut the rib chops into single pieces evenly. Prefer goat meat that has been aged for 5-8 days in your butcher’s fridge before it is cut. In a large vessel, make one layer with the goat rib chops, and rub the garlic-infused olive oil, which you will prepare one day prior, onto the chops. Then, add the spices evenly, before you coat the chops in a thin coat of hot mustard. Repeat the process on both sides of every rib chop layer. Cover the vessel, and marinate in the fridge for 48-72 hours to help the flavor infuse deeper.

COOKED ON Charcoal grills amber.q A

Charcoal grills amber.q A


After marinating for at least 48 hours, it’s time to light the grill. Pile up the charcoals inside the fire cabin of your charcoal grill. Place kindling (alcohol-soaked cotton) on top and the charcoals will light up easily, quickly, and without smoke.

When the charcoals are fully lit, spread them inside the fire cabin. If there is too much heat, throw some charcoal ash on them. Grill the chops on a clean, stainless steel grill grate. Turn them over frequently, at a high pace from the start, until they have a nice finishing char, and the internal temperature reaches 60-65⁰C (140-149⁰F). Grill plenty of vegetables to serve with the rib chops. Accompany every roast with cooked vegetables or fresh salads.

We had the most delicious goat rib chops. Enjoy this fine dish with your friends, and with a glass of red wine. 

Happy grilling everyone.