Charcoal grill - Pork spit roast with cumin and garlic

Let’s go into detail about the process of making this spit-roast recipe. It’s one of those recipes that you can make in just a short period of time, and its flavor will still be intense and distinctive; it’s the best starter for your dinner guests. The combination of spices is carefully selected. Of course, we suggest that you grill on the small spits because using small pieces of pork allows the spices’ aroma to penetrate deeper into the meat. Let’s see how to prepare the spice blend and the spit-roast step-by-step.

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For 2kg (4.4 lb) pork meat (sirloin and loin)

  • 30g sea salt (preferably fleur de sel)
  • 3g black peppercorns
  • 4g coriander
  • 3g cumin
  • 6g garlic powder


Cut the pork meat into pieces 5 cm thick (approximately). Since the pork meat is basically the main ingredient, you should prefer using organic free-range pork. After cutting the meat, prepare the spice blend. Place all the spice seeds in a mortar. Bash them well, until they are finely ground and they have released their essential oils. It’s important to use spice seeds if you want to get their full aroma. When you have a fine powder, add the garlic and the salt. Mix these ingredients, until they are well combined, and the salt absorbs the spices’ essential oils. This way you’ll get a scented salt that will reach the core of the meat. 

Place the pieces of meat in a glass vessel, and add the spice blend gradually. Add and mix each time to cover every piece of meat with the spice blend evenly. Mix well and let the meat rest in room temperature for 2-3 hours. If it’s too hot inside, place the vessel in the fridge, after two hours. When using this type of seasoning, you don’t have to wait for more than three hours. If you used a liquid marinade, you could marinate the meat for longer. The amount of salt that we suggest adding in each recipe is linked to the final result since salt is a strong-performing taste enhancer. The listed amount of salt is also linked to the combination of spices that we use.

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Charcoal grills amber.q A


Pile up the charcoals inside the fire cabin of your charcoal grill, and place kindling (alcohol-soaked cotton) on top. Light the fire and the charcoals will be lit easily, quickly, and without smoke. When the charcoals are fully lit, spread them inside the fire cabin. Throw some ash on them, if they release strong heat. Grill over high heat, on rotation. Remove the spits from the grill, when the internal temperature reaches 65-70⁰C (149-158⁰F), and they have that nice, brown roast color. 

Cover the spits for 6-7 minutes, and then cut the roast into pieces. Serve your friends, and accompany it with fine red wine and grilled vegetables. You should always accompany your roast with fresh seasonal salads or cooked seasonal vegetables. 

Happy grilling with your friends!